1. Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development Certification

Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development Certification

Recruiting and employee development expert Jessica Miller-Merrell will lead this comprehensive series. You will master everything you need to know about recruiting, talent acquisition, and talent development in just one week. This training will help you build a powerful team now to enable your organization to thrive long into the future.
Event ID: 2392699
Recording: Unable to attend? A recording will be available after the presentations.
Date: Monday, June 22 - Friday, June 26; 2:30 PM Eastern
Duration: 5 Sessions; Each session is scheduled for 60 minutes, including question and answer sessions.
Presenter: Jessica Miller-Merrell
Credits: 5.0 HRCI, 5.0 SHRM for entire series

Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development Certification

Employees are the most significant factor in your organization’s success or failure. By recruiting and cultivating excellent team members, you will dramatically improve outcomes. A single bad hire or directionless employee can cause a wide swath of destruction.

You need to use proven techniques to source, screen, select, hire, and onboard remarkable staff members who will thrive in your organization. As you rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the perfect time to update your practices to woo the powerful employment candidates who are now available.

Our Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development Certification program will enable you to:

  • Discover new tools and practices that will help you find the best talent
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your organization to prospective employees
  • Ensure new hires will be successful
  • Propel your career with newfound knowledge and documented proof

Each session focuses on an essential area of recruiting, talent acquisition, and talent development. We have packed a large volume of interesting and useful content into five engaging sessions.


Here is a sampling of what each session will cover:

Session 1: Source: Candidate Attraction and Sourcing Strategies That Work

  • Where to start and focus your efforts
  • Internet searching strategies
  • Digital job posting
  • Best social media sites to attract talent
  • How to create candidate funnels for your evergreen jobs

Session 2: Screen: How to Screen and Qualify Candidates Using Automation

  • The role of chat bots in recruiting and hiring
  • The importance of creating content and resources for job seekers
  • Using email automation and scheduling tools to provide candidates information, follow up and interview scheduling
  • Assessments and asynchronous video screening uses to create more qualified candidate funnels

Session 3: Select: Candidate Selection Strategies In a Post COVID-19 Economy

  • Service level agreements
  • Structured interviews
  • Hiring manager and recruiter accountability
  • Project management in talent attraction

Session 4: Hire: Pre and Post Offer Hiring Secrets You Need to Know

  • Using digital communication to amplify your offer messaging
  • Leveraging existing tools within your existing HR technology systems
  • How non-traditional communication such as text messaging can drive results
  • Messaging cadences and workflows

Session 5: Onboard: Keys to a Successful Virtual Onboarding Program

  • Ways to make your orientation more interesting and interactive online
  • How to leverage internal social networks like Slack, Teams, and Facebook at Work to help your team connect with other employees
  • Why a recruiter should continue regular candidate outreach for hires over their first 90 days
  • Balancing automation with engagement

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