1. COVID-19 and Steps to Communicate Frequently and Clearly

COVID-19 and Steps to Communicate Frequently and Clearly

Human resources expert Dawn Hart will explain how to reassure employees during this challenging time. You will learn how to adapt your communication practices to fit this unique situation.
Event ID: 2309514
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2020; 3:30 PM Eastern
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Dawn Hart
Credits: 1.0 HRCI, 1.0 SHRM

COVID-19 and Steps to Communicate Frequently and Clearly

Liam is afraid to return to his workplace after stay-at-home orders expire, fearing his asthmatic daughter may fall victim to a COVID-19 infection he brings home from work. Sondra worries that her job is in jeopardy because she sees orders and revenue falling. Steven wonders how he will care for his eight-year-old son if required to go to his office while schools remain closed. Hualing is concerned that the cleaning crew will destroy her beloved pictures of her grandchildren while sanitizing her desk.

Like Liam, Sondra, Steven, and Hualing, every employee in your organization is uncertain about the weeks and months ahead. You need to communicate clearly and frequently so your colleagues know what to expect. From the financial status of your organization to potential changes to schedules or work areas, your honesty will address their fears.

There are concrete steps you can take, specific topics you need to address, and new communication strategies you should adopt. Communicating amid the coronavirus pandemic offers unique challenges, requiring you to understand particular protocols.

  • What are the current HR challenges when dealing with COVID-19?
  • How can you stay ahead of employees’ questions?
  • What specific delivery methods should you use?
  • Why are multiple channels, techniques, and methods important?
  • What tone and delivery should you use?
  • Who should be the spokesperson for good news? For bad news?

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