1. Pronouns in the Workplace: Policies, Procedures and Practices

Pronouns in the Workplace: Policies, Procedures and Practices

Melissa Fleischer will explain how pronouns have become a source of identity with far more meaning and impact than their few letters imply. You will learn how to honor and protect all the shes, hes, and theys in your midst.
Event ID: 2189250
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Melissa Fleischer, Attorney at Law, President and Founder, HR Learning Center LLC
Credits: 1.5 HRCI, 1.5 SHRM

Pronouns in the Workplace: Policies, Procedures and Practices

Sometimes managers can create inadvertent problems for organizations merely by refusing to comply with an employee’s request to be called by a certain name or pronoun. Managers usually think this is ridiculous or not important and fail to comply with the employee’s wishes. This can cause significant legal liability for an organization. Today, more than ever, managers and others in the workplace need to understand what the use of pronouns means, how failing to do this can create legal liability for an organization, and what the pronoun policy should include. But what pronouns should you use? Should you have a policy on pronouns? What should such a policy include? Should you provide training on this issue?

This webinar will cover:

  • Why pronouns in the workplace are important
  • Which pronouns to use
  • Whether you should have a pronoun policy
  • What should be included in your pronoun policy
  • The potential legal liability that can come from refusing to use the proper pronouns
  • Being more inclusive for transgender employees
  • Best practices for using proper pronouns in the workplace

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