1. Performance Planning 101: Beyond Performance Reviews

Performance Planning 101: Beyond Performance Reviews

Event ID: 2176079
Duration: 90 Minutes
Presenter: Teri Morning, MBA, MS, President, Hindsight HR
Credits: 1.5 HRCI, 1.5 SHRM

Performance Planning 101: Moving Beyond Outdated Performance Reviews

There are those who claim traditional performance reviews are outdated, and even a destructive waste of time that is harmful to both employee and organizational development and as such should be abolished. They are right. There also are those who claim performance reviews are a critical and important part of the communication process that can link employees’ efforts to accomplishing organizational goals. They too are right.

Introducing performance planning: Performance planning is the idea of a continual learning and feedback cycle that connects what an employee does with where the company wants to go. Performance planning actually takes less time than the traditional “check the box on the form” process which to many employees is merely an often biased and miscommunication-filled exercise. Performance planning is not a process that emphasizes check-the-box documentation. Instead, it generates actionable employee guidance and quality performance documentation through specificity, clear timing, and quality communications.

Performance planning:

  • Links employee efforts to organizational goals.
  • Improves management and employee communications.
  • Rewards those who contribute to the organization’s success.
  • Improves job satisfaction, even employee retention of high performers.
  • Improves and changes all employee behavior.
  • Can even encourage low performers to go elsewhere.
  • Increases continual learning, cross-training, and personal improvement.
  • Creates buy-in for employee development by holding supervisors accountable for their employees’ success and development.
  • Generates higher quality, more defensible employment documentation.

All you have to do is to make a few small but critical changes!

This webinar covers how to switch your performance review cycle to a results-orientated performance planning process:

  • The one small, but critical first step you must take.
  • How to transition your 2020 cycle from ranking to true reviewing.
  • What is goal-based performance management planning?
    • What it means to drive goals down through an organization.
    • The steps to take a company goal apart for the purpose of “driving it down” for employees.
    • How to set individual employee goals.
    • What are two-track vs. one-track performance measures?
  • How to measure success.
  • Communicating the change to employees.
  • How to coach and counsel employees who are not meeting goals.
  • Why some supervisors don’t want to get on board and how to help them change.
  • What to do with the employee who does not want goals set for them.
  • Twelve tips for what to address if moving to a cloud based, performance planning and measurement system.

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