1. Employment-at-Will and Wrongful Termination Allegations

Employment-at-Will and Wrongful Termination Allegations

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Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020, 1 PM Eastern
Duration: Scheduled for 90 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter(s): Janette Levey Frisch, Attorney at Law
Credits: 1.5 HRCI, 1.5 SHRM

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Employment-at-Will and Wrongful Termination Allegations

You may have heard that most employment is at-will, but what does that mean? If you employ your workers “at-will” does that mean you can fire them whenever you want? Does invoking the doctrine of employment-at-will protect you from wrongful termination suits?

Many employers make the mistake of assuming that because they hired an employee “at-will” that terminating that employee will be a done deal—and they often end up defending a wrongful termination claim as a result. Other employers may hold onto employees who are not performing or who may even undermine company goals and safety, because they think that terminating them will automatically result in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Neither of those assumptions is necessarily true! So, what’s an employer to do?

Please join Janette Levey Frisch to discuss the extent and limits of employment-at-will. We will also explore the statutory exceptions and contractual provisions that seem to undermine employment-at-will to give you clarity and guidance on an often-misunderstood principle of employment law. This webinar will help you gain some insight into how to navigate your relationship with your employees, keeping employment-at-will and its exceptions in mind.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Defining Employment-at-Will
  • Identifying situations falling outside of employment-at-will
  • Identifying exceptions to employment-at-will
  • Anti-Discrimination laws and employment-at-will
  • Rights and obligations of employers and employees
  • Employment agreements, disclaimers

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