1. EEOC New Technical Assistance on Employees with Opioid Addictions: What HR Needs to Know

EEOC New Technical Assistance on Employees with Opioid Addictions: What HR Needs to Know

Employment law expert Melissa Fleischer will provide an in-depth exploration of opioids and addiction of employees. You will learn what you can and cannot do when dealing with individuals addicted to opioids under the employment discrimination laws.
Event ID: 2622839
Recording: Unable to attend? A recording will be available after the presentation.
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 11:30 AM Eastern
Duration: Scheduled for 60 minutes including question and answer period.
Presenter: Melissa Fleischer

Opioid addicts at your organization? Learn your obligations from a new EEOC document.

The widespread challenge with opioid addiction that plagues the United States may have reached some employees in your organization. You may notice resulting workplace performance issues and want to take fast disciplinary action. Nevertheless, you must understand employers’ obligations first and act accordingly.

The EEOC recently issued a technical assistance document on opioid addiction during employment. Although not a new law or guidance, this publication provides essential information to employers and clarifies your responsibilities for avoiding discrimination under the ADA.

  • What is considered to be an addiction to opioids?
  • What are an employer’s obligations to employees addicted to these drugs?
  • Does it matter if the employee has a prescription for the opioid?
  • What advice does the EEOC provide in this technical assistance?
  • Does the ADA protect employees who use illegal drugs?
  • What reasonable accommodations do employers need to provide?
  • Can you intervene when an employee’s addiction is interfering with job safety?
  • Are opioid addicts a direct threat to themselves or others under the ADA?

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